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Photographer & Retoucher

Currently, I'm a freelance creative whenever and wherever in London. Working in different groups of people with new and ambitious projects is why I'm in this industry- especially if the project is an attempt to make the world a better place 🌱


Specifically I'm a nerd with retouching, more of a perfectionist but I meet deadlines. I'm taking up all corners of the photography industry right now; shooting, lighting, prop styling assistant, behind the scenes videographer, eating free snacks on set & making teas etc. to network and understand the elements of a creative team.


MEC Collaboration

The Playground, 434 Columbia St, Vancouver, May 24 2019.


The Degree Show

Gallery Different, 14 Percy St, London, July 26 - 30 - 2021.

Contact / Instagram: @marirussellcreative

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